Pretty Print LaTeX

LaTeX is known to produce really nice document layouts. But it is also known to produce quite some line noise on the command line. This tool parses the log-output of latex and pdflatex and prints only warnings and errors in an humanely readable format.

The code is based on the LaTeX output parser of Kile (also used by TexMakerX), with some modifications and bugfixes.


Simply execute pplatex instead of latex, or ppdflatex instead of pdflatex with the same arguments. To specify the latex binary to execute or to hide warnings and badbox messages, use

pplatex --cmd <yourlatexbinary> -q -- latexfile.tex

You can also reformat an existing logfile, simply use

pplatex --input <somefile.log>

Some sample output:

$ pplatex test
** Error in ./chapter.tex, Line 4:
Undefined control sequence
Chapter \errortag

** Error in ./test.tex, Line 9:
Undefined control sequence
Something \unknown

Result: o) Errors: 2, Warnings: 0, BadBoxes: 0
o) latex returned an error!


You can checkout the latest sources from my SVN server here:

svn co

Precompiled binaries and source packages:


The sources are available under the GNU GPL v3 license. See the copyright file in the packages or the repository.


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