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This website is currently under reconstruction. Please be patient while I try to find some time to migrate my old webpage to the new CMS.

After my main harddrive showed some initial signs of a slow death, I decided to take the step to upgrade from an old Debian to the brand new Debian 8. With the new Debian, I finally got rid of the old, outdated vserver guests, and switched to LXC (I do miss my old vserver setup though. No startup/shutdown messages, and systemd hogging 100% CPU if I dare to try redirect the console output.. SRLY?!? I expect better from a Debian stable release).  However, Debian also got rid of some quite useful packages like fcron and dspam, I failed to install windows drivers to samba - again (cups really broke with every single dist update the last 10 years for me. Having actually useful and non-misleading error messages would be so much more helpful than 3D printer support or whatnot), and my old ModX CMS is no longer compatible with the new PHP versions. The ModX webpage and its plugins list does not suggest that there has been much development going on in the recent years, hence I gloomingly decided to abandon it and make the switch to Joomla.

I am quite happy with my initial impression of Joomla, but I want to port my Markdown plugin from ModX to Joomla (the Joomla Markdown plugin does everything using Javascript at the browser-side, this does not give me much confidence in its stability), and copy all my content to the new CMS by hand. Also, I still need to find out what the best way in Joomla is to embed images, videos and galleries (and I have a hunch that I am not going to like it). Therefore, this webpage will be a bit on the empty side until I get round to address those things..